What are tie dye tapestries?

Tie dye tapestry was very trendy during the hippie movement of the 1960s. However it’s still popular as a  unique arts and crafts style for both die hard hippies and art enthusiasts alike.

Tie dye tapestries are basically tapestry work (a kind of heavy weight embroidery) on a back drop of tie dyed fabric usually of one or more similar toned colors.

What kinds of tie dye tapestries are there ?

Tie dye tapestries come in a variety of styles and colors.  Some of the most common that you can find on the internet are Psychedelic,  Indian,  Celtic and Metaphysically themed tie dye tapestries.

Because each tie dye tapestry is hand dyed and hand stitched,  no two tapestries are the same (regardless if they’ve got the same theme or color)

If you know how to embroider or do tapestry yourself you can create your own tie dyed tapestries to decorate your home with or give as gifts.   Like other art tapestries,  tie dyed tapestries are often used as wall hangings.   If you make you own or have purchased a tie dye tapestry you’ll want to hang it on the wall using a special tapestry hanger cut to the length of the top edge of your tapestry.

What are tie dye tapestries used for?

Other than wall hangings,  bedspreads, pillow cases,  table cloths,  curtains or fabric screen panels you can use tie dyed tapestries in additional creative ways.   You can use cut pieces of them as applique panels for skirts,  pants,  hoodies,  sleeves or jackets.  You can also sew these panels or smaller pieces to cloth bags.

You can also use an entire width or height of a tie dyed tapestry (if it’s the right measurement) as the   fabric for a skirt or simply use the tapestry as you would any cut of fabric and cut out the desired clothing patterns from them and sew up your own one of a kind garment.

When choosing a tie dye tapestry to cut and sew into a garment,  to make sure you’ll get the most use out of your creation,  decide upon a color and item of clothing that you can match with other garments already existing in your wardrobe.

If you are interested in buying a tie dye tapestry,  you can find specialty stores online that sell them. You can also call your local ethnic and new age gift shops as they to will most likely carry a variety as tie dye tapestries well.


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