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Learn this must know set of proven techniques. Get the Learn How to Tie Dye complete 3-volume set.

In Tie Dye 101, you'll explore materials selection, and how to create elaborate patterns with vibrant colors that won't fade, even after repeated washings. Learn how to stay organized, avoid common mistakes, and obtain the best possible results.

In Tie Dye 202, youll learn how to make all sorts of shapes including hearts, arrows, stars peace signs, the Alien, and more. We'll show you the most practical, dependable methods for producing simple shapes, and how to combine shapes to form more complex images.

In Tie Dye 303, you'll learn the techniques used to create amazing mandalas, lotus blossoms, suns, and much, much more. Gain a thorough understanding of how to visualize and form defined images on fabric. It'll change the way you think about tie dye.

Put your imagination on fabric --learn to tie dye today! ....read more





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