Tie Dyeing isn’t just for Hippie style t-shirts anymore, it’s become a wide spread activity of choice for anybody looking to do something both fun and easy. Here we outline some different tie dye ideas and options.

Tie Dyeing Isn’t Just For T-shirts

The all cotton t-shirt is the typical medium for first time tie dyers but it’s no longer the only option for people who want to creatively color different garments or even home linens and decor items. You can tie dye for unique gift items, various items to sell, clothes for personal use and items around the home.

Here are just some of the available tie dye gift ideas to try:

fabric book covers
fabric covered cards
covered boxes
scrapbooking inserts
handkerchiefs / bandanas
cosmetic bags
fabric eyeglass cases

Home decor is also an area where tie dye can be used in many ways to add a splash of color. Different things you can tie dye for the home are:

couch cushion covers
couch and love seat covers
fabric and paper wall paper
shower curtains (the cotton side of the double layered kind)
fabric panel partitions
table cloths
bed linens and many more

Clothing items are available now that you can get from tie dyeing suppliers as well as regular retail clothing store outlets that sell white cotton, silk, linen, hemp, rayon or jute garments.

You can buy:

tank tops
jersey dresses
baby dolls
and even lingerie

to tie dye in what ever pattern and colors you have in mind.

The good thing about all these tie dye ideas is that with the ease of tie dye production and the variety of objects that can be tie dyed, if you want to start selling tie dyed goods you can easily build an inventory of different items to sell.



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