A bedroom is often looked at as a suitable place to decorate with tie dye bedding because it’s a more informal, personal space than the other rooms in the rest of your home.

You can skip buying designer bed linens and save money by creating your own tie dye bedding that you’ve designed yourself. The various articles of bedding linens you can decorate are:

– sheets
– duvet
– comforters
– pillow cases
– bedspreads
– bed skirts

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Color coordinating with the rest of your bedroom:

You don’t want your bedding to clash with your bedroom so pick out a color combination that works with the other colors in your room – unless you are seeking a rainbow colored tie dyed bed.

Seasonal color choices and ideas for tie dye bedding:

Seasons are important to keep in mind when choosing colors for your bedroom. For summer months it’s best to pick cooler color combinations such as blue violets, blues, greens, greener yellows.

Your other options are to use pastel versions of warmer colors or just add splashes of attractive warm colors that go well with the cooler colors you’ve picked out for your tie dye design.

In cooler winter and fall seasons it is ideal to use a warmer palette for your bedding such as reds, oranges, browns, rich deep yellows, warm pinks and fushias, maroons and red violets. Again, you don’t have to be just restricted to these warm colors.

You can add complementary cool colors to the warm ones you’ve got in your tie dye bedding designs.

In the end your ultimate decision should be with a color palette, color combination or single hue variety that allows you to feel comfortable and restful in your bedroom.

You might consider avoiding loud and clashing colors or those that can be over-relaxing as they may affect your mood and sleep effectiveness.

Holiday Considerations:

Holidays are a fun option to tie dye bedding for. You can do green, red, black and white for Christmas, red and, pink and white for Valentines day. Different shades and tints of green and white for St. Patricks day, and brown, orange, purple and black for Halloween.

Color Handling Options For Tie Dye Bedding:

If you have a favorite color or colors you can tie dye your bedding in graduations of different shades and tints of those colors.

You can use or invent a variety of color combinations to suite your tastes or current room colors, or variations of seasonal themes.

For a balanced cool and warm palette you can use a combination of  light bright green with sky blue along with various tones of cooler pink, yellow, lavender and smaller splashes of darker tones here and there of each hue.

For high contrast that doesn’t add too much excitement you might want to try any darker hue (forest green, deep red, navy blue, deep purple etc) and combine it with black and well balanced amount of white.

For a warm palette that’s not too warm you can use a group of warm colors and balance them off with enough white space, a bit of green in both bright and pastel tones or even some black.

Quilt options:

Tie dying an entire bedspread and matching pillow cases aren’t your only options to enjoy tie dyed bedding. If you like Quilt crafting you can take various colors of tie died fabric and sew different colored squares or other quilt shapes together into a quilted tie dye bedding set.


Amazon’s Best Prices on Tie Dye Bedding



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