Procion dyes are a professional quality, permanent, colorfast and light fast, fiber reactive dye sold in powder form for individual consumers. You can purchase small, medium to larger amounts of these powdered dyes from either art and craft shops or online art, craft or textile art stores.

Once you’ve purchased your Procion dyes for your project and prepared your fabrics you can start mixing your Procion dyes.

Procion Dye - Four Color MX Dye Set with Soda AshProcion Dye – Four Color MX Dye Set with Soda Ash

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Very versatile and popular dye set

Includes 2 3-ounce each of 4-colors, 1-pound of Soda Ash Fixer

Can mix the colors to achieve any color desired

For use in cold water on natural fibers

Made in USA

Jacquard Products Procion Four Color MX Dye Set with Soda Ash


Fabric Choice

Cellulose fabrics such as cotton, rayon, jute, hemp, linen, work best with Procion dyes. Synthetic fabrics don’t hold Procion dye color and the only protein based fiber good for use with Procion MX dye is silk.

Fabric Preparation

Most fabric or newly purchased garments made from either of the suitable fibers will have a sizing applied to their surface that will require removing before applying any dye. You can remove the sizing by laundering the cloth or soaking the article in a soda ash and water solution for about 15 minutes.

After a washing or soaking, don’t dry your cloth. Squeeze the excess water out and leave the cloth damp to help ensure easy absorption of the Procion dye. This will also help assist your cloth hold the shape of whichever fold you choose to use for your tie dye project.


Mixing Procion MX dye is done by first measuring a tsp of Procion dye powder with 2 tbsp of cooking salt (to help enhance the intensity of the dye colors), a tsp of soda ash (to help the dye color set into the fabric) and just a tiny bit of water to create a smooth, clump free paste.

To speed up the pasting process you can also add a few drops of Synthrapol to the mix. When your paste is smooth, dilute it with an additional 100 ml of warm water and stir well.

Safety First

Procion dyes, although usually labeled as non-toxic, are not safe for consumption for a similar reason previously used food dyes have been banned on account of having mild carcinogenic properties. Also, as with all fine powders, Procion dyes should never be breathed in as they can cause dye sensitivity and lung ailments.

To prevent contamination, undesired staining of surfaces and skin, consumption and/or breathing in the dye or soda ash use the following equipment and procedures:

– cover your work surface with plastic sheeting
– cover any exposed food with plastic or paper
– any measuring spoons, mixing spoons, measuring cups, jars, bottles and buckets used in your dying process should be reserved only for use for your tie dyeing projects
– wear a NIOSH/MSHA dust mask
– wear rubber gloves
– when finished handling dyes and soda ash close any bottles, bags and containers to avoid any spills
– wipe down any surfaces loose Procion dye powder may have have landed on

Once you’ve finished applying your Procion dye to your fabric you’ll want to let it rest or ‘batch up’ to intensify the colors before rinsing out the excess dye. This can be for as little as 30 minutes. For the best results however , it’s best to store your damp, freshly dyed fabric in plastic bags to prevent any drying.

Final Rinsing:

Afterwards, while wearing rubber gloves, rinse out the excess dye with cool to hot water till the water runs fairly clear. Next, let the fabric soak in half tablespoon of synthrapol in the washing machine for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then wash your Procion dye colored fabric 3 to 4 times in warm water and dry in your dryer. a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,

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